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About your Astrologer - Jayesh Tekchandaney

Jayesh Tekchandaney is an engineer by qualification and an industrialist by profession. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering, followed by a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University, USA. Jayesh Tekchandaney is the Technical Director at Unique Mixers. He is the author of the chapter, "Mixers" in the book titled "Process Plant Equipment: Operation, Reliability, and Control", a John Wiley publication. He is a Chartered Engineer in the Chemical Engineering Division.

He has a serious interest in the study, research, and practice of astrology. As one of his clients summarised, "The fact that an engineer with a strict scientific background was also practicing astrology came as a pleasant surprise. But in essence, it is precisely the training of scientific principles that have given him the knack for approaching astrology with an engineer-like precision."

Quoting, Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti, "When troubles come, they come in battalions and at such time, the affected person gets solace from the knowledge that the time is not far off when his or her troubles would cease to exist. A well-trained and learned astrologer is capable of handling the subject meticulously, thus dispelling the fears in the querist's mind, and preparing him to face the future with confidence. This early knowledge renders it possible for one to reconcile to the situation."

"Planets influence our environment & circumstances, But it is our actions that shape our destinty."
- Jayesh Tekchandaney

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