Houses & Relationships

Houses & Relationships

In KP (Krishnamurti Paddhati) astrology, the relationships represented by each house are as follows:

    First House (Lagna or Ascendant):

  • The first house represents the native's self and personality. It does not directly signify any specific relationship. However, it can indicate the native's behavior and approach in relationships.
  • Second House:

  • The second house primarily represents family and immediate family members. It can give insights into the relationship with family members, especially with siblings and parents.
  • Third House:

  • The third house is associated with siblings, neighbors, and relatives. It can reveal information about the native's rapport with younger co-borns and communication with neighbors and extended family.
  • Fourth House:

  • The fourth house signifies the relationship with the mother and the home environment. It can provide insights into the emotional bond with the mother and the overall family atmosphere.
  • Fifth House:

  • The fifth house is connected to love affairs, romance, and children. It can indicate the native's romantic inclinations and the potential for love relationships. Additionally, it offers insights into the relationship with children.
  • Sixth House:

  • The sixth house represents the maternal uncle and aunt. It can indicate the relationship with colleagues, subordinates, and service providers in the context of work or professional life.
  • Seventh House:

  • The seventh house is the primary house of relationships in astrology. It represents partnerships, marriage, and business relationships. The seventh house provides crucial information about the nature of the spouse or significant other and the native's ability to form meaningful partnerships.
  • Eighth House:

  • The eighth house is the house of in-laws (family of the spouse). It can also indicate the presence of hidden or secret relationships or affairs.
  • Ninth House:

  • The ninth house is associated with the relationship with the father and the guru (teacher or spiritual guide). It indicates the level of support and guidance received from these figures.
  • Tenth House:

  • The tenth house represents the boss and leader at the workplace. It is connected to the native's career, profession, and social status.
  • Eleventh House:

  • The eleventh house signifies the elder sibling, friendships, and associations. It can provide insights into the native's ability to form and maintain friendships and their social circle.
  • Twelfth House:

  • The twelfth house does not have a direct representation of relationships. However, it can indicate the presence of hidden enemies or secret adversaries.

It's essential to note that while certain houses in KP astrology have a direct connection to relationships, relationships are complex and multifaceted, and other factors in the birth chart should also be considered for a comprehensive understanding of an individual's relationships.

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