Reading a Birth Chart (KP System)

Reading a Birth Chart (KP System)

"The heavens themselves, the planets, and this center, observe degree, priority, and Place, insisture, course, proportion, season, form, office and custom, in all line of order."
- William Shakespeare, - "Troilus And Cressida"

Reading a birth chart using KP astrology involves following specific techniques unique to the KP system. KP astrology emphasizes accurate timing and precise predictions based on the significators of the cusp, sub-lords. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to read a birth chart using KP astrology:

    Identify the Ascendant (Lagna):

  • Locate the Ascendant or Lagna, which represents the individual's external personality and physical appearance. The Lagna is the starting point of the birth chart.
  • Determine the Cusps and Sub-Lords:

  • In KP astrology, the cusps (beginning points) of each house and the Sub-Lords are crucial for analysis. The Sub-Lords determine the influence of planets in different areas of life.
  • Analyze the House Groupings:

  • KP astrology divides the houses into specific groups, each representing different life areas. The house groupings help in understanding the significations of the houses in a structured manner.
  • Consider the Significators:

  • Use the Significator Chart to identify the planets for specific houses or matters in the birth chart.
  • Look for Star-Lord, Sub-Lord:

  • For each planet, note its Star-Lord, Sub-Lord. The Sub-Lord is of utmost importance in KP astrology.
  • Analyze Planetary Aspects:

  • Examine the aspects formed by planets in the chart. KP astrology uses a specific aspect system, and aspects can significantly impact the influence of planets on each other.
  • Focus on Specific Life Events:

  • KP astrology is widely used for specific event-based predictions. Focus on the particular questions or life events for which the chart is being read to provide accurate answers.
  • Timing of Events:

  • After identifying the planets that are likely to deliver the results for a specific event, the possible timing of the event is to be predicted using the Vimsottari Dasa system. Use the ruling planets table to determine the current ruling planets based on the transiting positions.
  • Consider Transits:

  • Transits play a crucial role in KP astrology for making precise timing predictions. The transits should confirm with the timing of events predicted using the Vimsottari Dasa.
  • Seek Expert Guidance:

  • Reading birth charts in KP astrology requires practice and expertise. It is beneficial to seek guidance from experienced astrologers or refer to reliable resources to enhance your understanding of the system.

Keep in mind that KP astrology is a powerful predictive system, but it requires dedicated study and practice to master its techniques. Reading birth charts using KP astrology can provide valuable insights and accurate predictions when approached with skill and precision.

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