Planets & Professions

Planets & Professions

In KP astrology, each planet is associated with specific professions and career fields based on their significations as per KP principles, natural significations, and the houses they rule in the birth chart. It's important to remember that astrology provides general guidelines and tendencies, and individual careers may be influenced by a combination of factors in the birth chart. Here are the professions denoted by the different planets in KP astrology:


  • Government jobs, leadership roles, administrative positions, politics, management, medicine, and professions in the field of authority and power.
  • Moon:

  • Jobs related to the public, hospitality industry, nursing, childcare, psychology, marine-related professions, and careers in food and beverages.
  • Mars:

  • Military, police, defense, engineering, sports, surgery, firefighting, real estate, and careers requiring physical strength and courage.
  • Mercury:

  • Writing, communication, journalism, publishing, marketing, teaching, astrology, accountancy, mathematics, and careers related to information technology.
  • Jupiter:

  • Teaching, law, finance, banking, advisory roles, coaching, religious and spiritual leadership, and professions in the field of higher education.
  • Venus:

  • Arts, entertainment, fashion, beauty, cosmetics, luxury goods, interior designing, hospitality industry, and careers related to social and relationship skills.
  • Saturn:

  • Engineering, architecture, construction, labor-oriented jobs, mining, land development, social work, and professions demanding discipline and hard work.
  • Rahu:

  • Professions in research, technology, innovation, aviation, IT sector, unconventional careers, and professions that involve risk-taking and cutting-edge advancements.
  • Ketu:

  • Careers related to spirituality, occult sciences, investigations, secret intelligence, monastic life, and professions with a strong focus on inner growth and self-realization.

These are general indications based on the natural significations of the planets. However, the actual career path of an individual is influenced by the specific positions of the planets in the birth chart, the houses they rule, aspects they form, and their interactions with other planets. The holistic analysis of the birth chart by an experienced astrologer is necessary to provide personalized career guidance and insights. Regenerate response

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