House Grouping

House Grouping

The material below is an excerpt from Bhatt's Nakshatra Chintamani


  • Consider Houses 1, 8,and 3 for Longevity.
  • Maraka Houses. The 12th to any particular house denotes non-existance of the matter signified by that particular house. So the houses 12 (12th to 1), 7 (12th to 8) and 2 (12th to 3) are known as the maraka (death dealing) houses
  • Badhaka houses. The house 11 is badhaka (harmful to life) to those born in Moveable signs as their Ascendants; the 9th for those born in Fixed signs and 7th for those born in Common signs
  • Death: The Badhaka houses are more harmful than the Maraka houses. So for death consider first the Badhaka house and then Maraka houses. Saturn is the chief governor of longevity.


  • Consider the Ascendant for Health.
  • Disease and Cure:

  • Consider House 6 for sickness or disease.
  • For cure, consider houses 1, 5 and 11; the 1st for health, the 5th is 12th to 6th indicating absence of sickness; the 11th is 12th to house 12 indicating, absence of bedridden sickness.
  • Accident:

  • Consider Houses 8 and 12 for accidents; the 8th for serious illness, an accident, or suicide; the 12th for self-undoing, confinement in bed, or hospitalization
  • Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu cause an accident.
  • Education:

  • Consider Houses 4, 9 and 11 for education; the 4th is the main house for education, as it denotes preparation for examinations academic qualifications, regular attendance in school or college. The 9th deep study and higher education; 11th addresses fulfillment of desires. The 6th house shows competitive examination; it is 12th from 7, for example, the loss to others and the gain to you.
  • Completion of Education: Consider Houses 3, 5, and 8, being 12th houses from 4th, 6th, and 9th respectively).
  • Mercury and Jupiter are the chief governors of education.
  • Building or Land:

  • Consider Houses 4, 11, and 12 for purchase or construction of a building; the 4th is the main house for building, 11th is gain, 12th is payment to the seller of the building or investment of money.
  • Consider Houses 3, 5, and 10 for disposing of the building or selling it; the 3rd is 12th from the 4th, for example, losing the house; the 5th is 11th from the 7th, for example gain to the purchaser; the 10th is 4th from the 7th, for example, the building to the purchaser.
  • Mars is the natural significator of buildings, and Saturn is the significator of land, mines and estates.
  • Marriage:

  • Consider Houses 2, 7. and 11 for Marriage; the 2nd being addition to family; the 7th for wife or husband and legal tie. It is the main house for marriage; then the 11th (gain) respectively.
  • Consider Houses 1, 6 and 10 for separation or divorce; these houses being 12th from houses 2, 7, and 11 respectively. These houses denote absence of married life.
  • Venus is the chief governor of marriage
  • Children:

  • Consider Houses 2, 5, and 11 for childbirth. The 2nd for increase in the number of the members of the family due to birth of a child; the 5th for first conception or pregnancy, progeny or child. The 11th is the 5th from the 7th. The 5th house for females, and 11th house f,or males are important.
  • Consider Houses 1, 4 and 10 for absence of children or for separation from the children by virtue of being 12th house from 2nd, 5th and 11th respectively.
  • Jupiter is the natural significator of childbirth. In females, Moon is fertility and Mars is menstruation. In males; Venus is fertility and Sun is vitality.
  • Foreign Travels:

  • Consider Houses 3, 9, and 12 for foreign travels. The 3rd is 12th from 4th, for example, away from the permanent place; the 9th for long journey, foreign travel; the 12th for life in an unknown place or completely unfamiliar atmosphere.
  • Consider Houses 3, 9 and 11 for returning to the home country from a foreign land; the11th for meeting ones own kith and kin, or a reunion of relatives)
  • Consider Houses 3, 9 and 11 for returning to the home country from a foreign land; the11th for meeting ones own kith and kin, or a reunion of relatives)
  • Finance and Prosperity:

  • Profession or Service: Consider Houses 2, 6 and 10; the 2nd for bank balance, self acquisition; the 6th for services rendered or day to day attendance on duty, and thereby earning. The 6th, being 12th from the 7th, denotes loss to others and gain to self, hence receiving money from others. T he10th is profession, either in independent vocation or in service. Sun is the chief governor of profession.
  • Consider Houses 1, 5 and 9 for change of profession or service; these houses being 12th from 2, 6 and 10, respectively).
  • Consider Houses 2, 6, 10, and 11 for promotion or rise in career or fortune; or for being reinstated in service.
  • Consider Houses 3, 10, and 12 for transfer in service with change of place; the 3rd for journey. The 3rd being 12th from the 4th shows absence of the present residence, for example, change of place; the 10th for employment; the 12th for life in completely unfamiliar atmosphere.
  • Consider Houses 1, 8, 9, and 12 for suspension from service. the 1st is 12th from the 2nd, indicating an absence of self earning. The 8th is suspension; is one form of penalty; the 9th is 12th from 10th indicating absence of status, position, power and name; the 12th is loss in general.
  • Consider Houses 1, 5, 9, and 12 for retirement from service or dismissal, or loss of status in any walk of life. The 5th is the 12th from 6th, for example, an absence of regular attendance on duty. Also consider House 8 if the native comes under the scheme of gratuity and provident fund.
  • Finance:

  • Consider Houses 2, 6, and 11 for gain of money any manner.
  • Consider Houses 2, 3, 6, and 11 for gain of lottery; the 3rd for lottery and help from others.
  • Consider Houses 2, 5, 6, and 11 for gain from speculation. the 2nd for race; the 5th for inclination for speculation.
  • Jupiter is the chief governor of money.
  • Independent Business:

  • Consider Houses 2, 7, and 10. The 7th is for dealings with others and purchase and sale of production, and it is the main house for business.
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