Houses & Professions

Houses & Professions

As a general guideline, the following associations can be observed in KP astrology regarding professions and the respective houses:

  • First House (Lagna or Ascendant):

    The first house does not directly represent any specific profession. However, it can indicate the native's general approach to life and their dominant personality traits, which may influence career choices.
  • Second House:

    The second house is connected to careers in finance, accounting, banking, teaching, and public speaking.
  • Third House:

    The third house is associated with professions related to communication, media, writing, sales, marketing, and travel.
  • Fourth House:

    The fourth house is connected to careers in real estate, construction, agriculture, and interior designing.
  • Fifth House:

    The fifth house represents professions in the creative fields, such as acting, arts, entertainment, teaching, and speculative investments.
  • Sixth House:

    The sixth house is associated with careers in healthcare, medicine, nursing, law, and civil services.
  • Seventh House:

    The seventh house represents careers in partnerships, business, law, counseling, and client-based professions.
  • Eighth House:

    The eighth house is connected to careers in research, investigations, psychology, and occult sciences.
  • Ninth House:

    The ninth house represents careers in higher education, philosophy, law, publishing, and religious or spiritual fields.
  • Tenth House:

    The tenth house is associated with careers in government, politics, administration, management, and high-profile positions.
  • Eleventh House:

    The eleventh house represents careers in social work, networking, entrepreneurship, and group-oriented professions.
  • Twelfth House:

    The twelfth house is connected to careers in charity, healing, spiritual counseling, and professions in foreign lands or isolation.

It's essential to remember that the actual profession or career path can be influenced by several factors in the birth chart, including the strength and placement of planets, the Dasha (planetary period), and the individual's unique talents and interests. Therefore, a comprehensive analysis of the birth chart is necessary to provide accurate and personalized career predictions in KP astrology.

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