Planetary Transits

Planetary Transits

In Vedic astrology, the duration that each planet stays in a zodiac sign can vary significantly due to their varying orbital speeds and retrograde motions. The time taken by each planet to transit through a zodiac sign is as follows:


  • Approximately 30 days (1 month)
  • Moon:

  • Approximately 2.5 days (2 days and 12 hours) - The Moon transits through each sign quickly.
  • Mercury:

  • Approximately 14 to 30 days (2 weeks to 1 month) - Mercury's transit duration can vary due to its proximity to the Sun.
  • Venus:

  • Approximately 23 to 30 days (3 weeks to 1 month) - Venus's transit duration can also vary due to its proximity to the Sun.
  • Mars:

  • Approximately 45 to 60 days (1.5 to 2 months) - Mars spends more time in a sign compared to faster-moving planets.
  • Jupiter:

  • Approximately 12 to 13 months (1 year) - Jupiter's transit through a sign is relatively long, and it stays in each sign for about a year.
  • Saturn:

  • Approximately 2.5 years - Saturn's transit through a sign is slow, and it takes around 2.5 years to move through one sign.
  • Rahu (North Node of the Moon) and Ketu (South Node of the Moon):

  • Approximately 1.5 years - Rahu and Ketu stay in each sign for about 1.5 years before transitioning to the next.

These durations are approximate and can vary slightly based on the specific positions and motions of the planets. Additionally, the effects of planetary transits are analyzed in Vedic astrology to make predictions and understand their influences on individuals and world events.

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