Ruling Planets

Ruling Planets

"Now, now, you stars that move in your right spheres, Where be your powers?"
- William Shakespeare, - "The Life And Death Of King John"

KP Astrology uses the unique concept of Ruling Planets for making precise predictions with accurate timing of events. The use of Ruling Planets is found to be more effective in KP Horary Astrology; however, most astrologers successfully apply this concept to birth horoscopes as it is considered to be divine help for an astrologer.

By ruling planets, it is meant that a particular moment is ruled by a few planets. That is, one is to note:

  • the exact position of the zodiac which would be rising for that moment for that locality on that day
  • the constellation in which Moon would be passing then
  • the sign in which Moon would be.
  • the name of the day

Every day has its lord as follows:

  • Sunday is ruled by Sun
  • Monday by Moon
  • Tuesday by Mars
  • Wednesday by Mercury
  • Thursday by Jupiter
  • Friday by Venus
  • Saturday by Saturn

If Rahu or Kethu were to occupy a sign then Rahu and Kethu will act as an agent of the lord of the sign. Suppose Rahu is in Aquarius or Capricorn then Rahu also should be taken as a ruling planet for Saturday or when Capricorn or Aquarius is the lagna or the sign in which Moon passes. Kethu in Leo will represent Sunday. If Kethu were to be in Cancer it indicates Mondays. Kethu in Gemini represents Virgo also. If Moon or Lagna is in Virgo, Kethu should be included.

  • The lord of the star in which the Ascendant rises in the east.
  • The lord of the sign rising in the east, i.e. the lagna. If a planet owning two houses, rules this sign and either Rahu or Kethu were to be in either of the two signs, node must be included.
  • The lord of the star in which Moon passes comes next.
  • The lord of the sign in which Moon is at that time. This lord may own another sign and a node may be in either of the two. Node should be taken for judgment.

All the above lords are called the Ruling planet.

Among these, those deposited in the constellation of a retrograde planet should be rejected. Those which are retrograde will cause delay until it is retrograde, and they will be fruitful after they are in direct motion and reach a particular sub. Planets that are in the sub of those who are detrimental to the matters of a particular Bhava indicate when the matter will fall through.

Those which are in direct motion and which are the significators of the matter under judgment give the desired results.

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