Match Making

Match Making

"Marriages are made in heaven"

Janam Kundli and Match Making in India

In India, Janam Kundli (also referred to as Birth Chart or Natal Chart) is a pivotal aspect for matching the horoscope of the prospective bride and groom for matrimony. The compatibility measure, Guna Milan, stems from the lunar positioning in the Natal Charts of the duo.

In the northern part of India, Guna Milan follows a process known as, "Ashtakoot Milan", denoting the octet facets of Gunas. The term "Ashta" translates to "Eight" while "Koota" implies "Aspects". Online platforms provide myriad free services for Guna Milan computation.

Match Making - The Modern Approach

When a pair finds mutual joy in each other's company and are curious about their future compatibility, relationships come into play. Relationships are hinged on mutual comprehension and unwavering support, irrespective of the ups and downs. The duo might have contrasting destinies and situational contexts. Thus, evaluating the long-term trajectory and short-term dynamics is vital. Accordingly, each partner's horoscope should be meticulously assessed for factors like longevity, health, financial prospects, fate, congeniality, mutual fondness, temperament, and offspring.

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