KP Horary

KP Horary

"Until our stars that frown lend us a smile."
- William Shakespeare, - "Pericles"

KP Horary Astrology is particularly popular for its precision and ability to answer specific questions effectively. It is widely used by astrologers to provide quick and accurate responses to various queries, such as those related to marriage, career, health, finance, travel, and more. KP Horary is also put to use when the birth details of a native are not available.

KP Horary Astrology is a specialized branch of astrology that combines the principles of Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP astrology) with the techniques of horary astrology. It focuses on providing precise and specific answers to specific questions through the use of horary charts and the unique analytical methods of KP astrology.

In KP Horary Astrology, the astrologer constructs a horary chart for the exact time and place when the querent (the person asking the question) poses a specific question, if the querent and the astrologer are at the same location. In case the astrologer is occupied or the querent is at another location, the chart will be prepared at the time and place when the astrologer chooses to make a judgment related to the query. The chart is then analyzed using the KP astrology principles, which include the use of sub-lords, cusps, and significators for each question. The sub-lord plays a crucial role in KP astrology and helps in precise timing and determination of outcomes.

Key features of KP Horary Astrology include:


  • In KP astrology, each Nakshatra (lunar constellation) is divided into smaller subdivisions called "Subs." The planets are linked to specific sub-lords within the Nakshatra they occupy. The sub-lords help in providing detailed and accurate answers in horary charts.
  • Cuspal Positions:

  • KP Horary Astrology gives significant importance to cuspal positions. The cusps (borders) of each house are analyzed to determine the answer to the question based on the significators' positions in the chart.
  • House Significators:

  • Each house in the horary chart represents a specific aspect of the question. The significators (planets ruling the houses) provide insights into the matter being queried.
  • Timing of Events:

  • KP astrology is known for its accurate timing predictions using the Vimsottari Dasa system.
  • Direct Answers:

  • Like traditional horary astrology, KP Horary Astrology also aims to provide direct answers to specific questions, often in a "yes" or "no" format.

However, as with any astrological practice, the accuracy of predictions in KP Horary Astrology depends on the astrologer's expertise and the clarity of the question asked.

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